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Petrol Prices Go Up By Rs. 9 Per Litre

With the increase, petrol will now be available at Rs. 108 per litre


They kept saying “ap ne ghabrana nahi hai,” (You should not panic) but when your government hikes prices of even the basic necessities of life, what should and can one do other than panic! We’re in a fix with the new government and the ever increasing inflation. We absolutely do not know where all this is headed and with petrol prices now going up by Rs. 9 per litre, we’re wondering how an average Pakistani will be dealing with all this.

In a rather expected turn of events, the Economic Coordination Committee has now approved the increase in prices of petrol and petroleum products across the country. Starting today, petrol will now be available for Rs. 108 per litre after a hike of Rs. 9 per litre. Also approved by the ECC are the hike in diesel prices by Rs. 4,89 per litre, light diesel by Rs. 6.40 and kerosene by Rs. 7.46.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan had moved the matter to the Economic Coordination Committee after the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had recommended an increase in petrol prices by Rs. 14 per litre.

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