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Queen Rania laments inaction over Greece boat tragedy amid Titanic submersible search

Queen Rania of Jordan lamented inaction over the Greece boat tragedy that cost more than 500 lives amid the Titanic submersible search!

Taking to her Instagram stories, the Queen of Jordan posted an image that is one of the most widely circulated on social media platforms depicting a migrant ship that capsized off Greece with hundreds of people on board and the Titanic submersible that went missing on Sunday with five people on board.

“Two tragic situations, two very different global responses. Every human life is worth saving,” read the message written on the image shared by Queen Rania.

Queen Rania is not the only one, many pointed out the two different sides of harsh realities that have resulted in the loss of precious lives.

Meanwhile, after a massive search and rescue effort for the missing submersible near the wreck of the Titanic, the US Coast Guards in a statement confirmed that the missing Titan met a tragic end with no chances of survivors onboard.


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