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Shadab Khan in grip of leaked photos controversy

A Dubai based Instagram influencer has taken to social media accusing Shadab Khan of threatening to leak her nudes.

Shadab Khan leaked imagesShadab Khan has been accused by a Dubai based social media influencer of threatening to leak her nudes - OyeYeah News

Leaked images and videos are turning out to be a common trend for Pakistani celebrities lately. Unfortunately, after being involved in some secret relation or notorious activity, they end up with viral leaked private material on social media.

The latest we get to know is that Shadab Khan, the young Pakistani cricketer has been accused by a Dubai based social media influencer of threatening to leak her nudes.

An Instagrammer named Ashreena Safia took it to social media by posting a detailed message on her Instagram, saying, “Shadab contacted me through multiple phone numbers/accounts and threatened to leak all of my nudes if I told anyone our story”.

To make her claim valid, she also posted several screenshots from various applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, accusing Shadab Khan.

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YES I see all the messages you guys send and it is very hard for me to accept but here we are. This is personal/vulnerable for me to share but I have a platform Alhamdulillah to do right. 🙏🏼 I’m sorry to all the girls who reached out for help when they were used and taken advantage of by the person I was with. Astaghfirullah that I believed his lies and unconsciously enabled his behavior. I have zero to gain from posting this but if I can help one girl become aware then I’m willing to jeopardize myself. I’ve been dealing with this since I moved to Dubai. Shadab is probably the first guy I’ve cared about so deeply and it’s hard to process this still. I cant address anything further for legal reasons so please respect my privacy. 🙏🏼

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The screenshots claim that the social media star has been close to Shadab and had a number of meetings as well. But it is a unique kind of case where an international celebrity himself is inviting controversy by threatening to leak nudes!

The Islamabad United captain is yet to respond to these allegations.

However, this story blew out when Shadab Khan and Ashreena Safia were apparently clicked together by a Pakistani journalist at an airport, and roumors started to surface.

After making things public, according to Ashreena Safia, she was approached by a few Pakistani journalists inquiring over the subject.

This girl surely knows how to cash things at social media as she has shared a number of posts along with the screenshots in her Instagram Stories as well.

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