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Senior PML-N Leader Zubair Umar is the latest target of alleged leaked compromised video

A new scandal is about to start.

PML-leaderPML-leader leaked video scandle | OyeYeah News

Senior PMLN Leader Zubair Umar is the latest target of leaked alleged compromised video clip.

By Sunday evening, social media of the country saw PML-N leader and former governor of Sindh Zubair Umar’s name trending.

The alleged compromised video featuring Zubair Umar is doing rounds on social media.

And many Twitter users in Pakistan were shocked to find the senior politician embroiled in a new sex scandal.

News anchor Mansoor Ali Khan broke the news in a tweet, saying:  “A ‘compromising’ video of a senior politician has just been released. A new scandal is about to start.”


A Twitter user wrote: Got to know about #ZubairUmar ‘s video; appalled to see what garbage level politics in Pakistan is turning into. PMLN has a habit of doing this & Maryam herself proudly boasts how she has “videos” but if she is choosing to introduce this brand of politics, Pakistan is doomed.

Here is how social media reacting to the leaked video of Zubair Umar:


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