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Aima Baig’s performance at the Asia Cup 2023 opening ceremony leaves fans least impressed

Pakistani singer Aima Baig and Nepal’s Trishala Gurung performed at the opening ceremony of the Asia Cup 2023 before the opening match between Pakistan and Nepal in Multan.

The two sides are playing their maiden match against each other at such a big level.

However, the netizens were least impressed with Aima Baig’s effort.

Soon after the opening ceremony performance X-platform’s timeline, former Twitter, was flooded with reactions, and hashtag #AimaBaig was among the top trends in the country.

Netizens were quick to express their concerns!




Most of the Pakistani fans were irked with Aima Baig’s non-cultural looks.

Many also praised the Nepalese singer for representing her culture as she was frapped in her national dress, a saree.




There are many still confused fellows who couldn’t bear Aima’s performance.


And the keyboard warriors didn’t let go of the meme attack.


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