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Ali Rehman Khan & Sanam Baloch to star together in ‘Khaas’

We’ve seen them individually spread their magic on screen and know what powerhouse performers each one of them is. Sanam Baloch has stunned with her acting prowess in a number of dramas, her last being Teri Raza on ARY Digital. Ali Rehman Khan, has become a name that needs no introduction. His killer good looks combined with his natural flare for acting are both a deadly combination. And therefore, we rightfully expect the screens to be lit when both Sanam and Ali pair up for a drama.

As per Ali’s Instagram and news doing round, Ali Rehman Khan and Sanam Baloch have been paired up against each other in upcoming Hum TV’s drama Khaas. The drama is being directed by Ishq Tamasha famed director Danish Nawaz so we know we’ll be expecting a tad bit too much from it.


“I’m playing a very interesting role which will resonate with a lot of married couples of Pakistan. You will definitely see me in a very different avatar and the dynamics between husband and wife are such that every married couple will be able to connect with my role on various levels,” shared Ali while talking about his upcoming project,” shared Ali while talking to a leading daily.

“The play is an emotional journey that will take you down and strike the right chord in terms of what needs to be changed and looked upon. It is based on the bitter realities of the world existing today. It’s something women of today’s time can relate to. It’s about love, remorse and guilt. It touches the taboo concerning women and how the society perceives them and treats them often and not just society but their closed ones including their husbands,” said the versatile Sanam Baloch regarding the drama.


Both Sanam and Ali share an easy chemistry and are all praises for their fellow actor, as shared by Sanam in her recent interview with Gulf Times.

Sanam Baloch gave us some amazing hits in her acting career, not to forget the classic Daastan and now, since she’s back with MD once again, we can only hope for even amazing content to come out from the channel. Here’s to looking forward to Khaas.

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  1. OK so now 5 episodes have been releassed. I really think HUM tv and others need to familiarize themselves with the difference between ‘teasers’ and ‘spoilers’. The promos for the next episode reveal everything making it irrelevant to watch the episode.

    Now they are married and it is clear she married a toddler in a mans body. He is used to getting his way and everybody has spoilt him. He doesnt like her natural hair, or her “manly” hands. Bodyshaming, humiliating your wife by mocking her in front of your friends and sulking are traits every woman cherishes in a man. Said no one EVER.

    Still early days and the conflicts are too many. He expects her to accept him as his is with his flirting with other women, mocking her etc. But he is unwilling to accept how God made it. Curly hair or straight, how is this a big deal? Not like she can or should change it? Why not create more real conflicts?

    His cousin also seems to be an antagonist. Her first visit after his wedding and she remarks to her aunt how she is giving her daugghter-in-law too much freedom by letting her sleep in? Why would you make an issue of that? This highlights again why joint family system is poison. It really is. Your every action as a woman is under scrutiny. You have to ask permission of your mother-in-law to visit your friends or Family and are expected to come down and join them.

    This “marriage” can only work if they either divorce and he marries somebody else or she completely bows to his whimsical and abusive behaviour. No good spouse will mock their partner. Imagine if she toold him “yeah I hate blue eyes so can you start using lenses” or “I cant stands the hair on your back, so gross, so start shaving or waxing” or “you smell so start using aftershave according to my liking even if you are allergic”.

    Whether you have been married for a day, 1 year or 10 years. If you know you dont fit because there are fundamental differences then its time to divorce. Otherwise you will be miserable. I really think she should have sat him down, and told him this isnt going to Work unless he changes. No selfrespecting woman will accept her husband flirting with other women, mocking his wife, body shaming her. If this was the wife mistreating the husband, people would be condemning her. So tell him he needs to change, and he cant always have his way, she will wear what she like but naturally consider his likes inbetween as he should consider her likes/dislikes, she will not ruin her hair by straightening them daily, she does not have Manly hands and he should apologize and he can never humiliate her like that in front of anybody be that Family or friends. He is obliged to agree to this because he really is in the wrong. Thats hhow adults talk and handle situations. They dont sulk and hold it inside.

    The problem is he cant even imagine being wrong. Too arrogant and selfabsorbed. When you marry strangers you must accept adaptability but not on major issues. You can not change to please your husband. The change mujst be mutual or its bye bye. Women are not equal to prepetual compromise, tolerance and patience.

  2. No review for KHAAS yet? I saw both episodes released so far. The first one I wasnt impressed with. Dull and thank god for fast forward option. But the second episode showed potentiale and was more meaty. The plot thickens.

    I have liked Sanam Baloch since Kankar and hope this drama wont be a let down as it is hailed as her come back serial after a long pause. The man opposite her, Ali Rehman, is easy on the eyes but I am not overly impressed with his role/acting. I dont know, his role seems a bit childish not very mature or reflective. Then again he is shown as arrogant. I am not sure how you can approach somebody for marriage after just seeing them and not knowing them or they you and then expect them just accept your proposal. WHat happens if he somebody else he likes in future?

    I have nothing against women who want to work after studies. But then that should be clarified before marriage and put down in the nikah nama (nikah contract). There are many clauses which girls should pay attention to. This ensures a harmonious marriage and less room for misunderstandings or struggles. That said her parents do not even tell her that the guy wants to marry her. She just thinks its a friendly outing. She only tells her parents aboutwanting to work. She should be talking to the guy. They have each others numbers so he should have called her like a gentleman and talked to her in a pleasent manner. She could then share her thoughts with him.

    Religiously there is nothing but our culture stopping us from talking to each other before marriage. Both parties along with elders from both families can meet up and the couple can discuss things together alone but in the same room/location as the others. Make it a public place like a garden over picnic or dinner or something. This is perfectly halal. But our culture has sadly become more strict than our religion and this is being reenforced in our dramas.

    That should have been done in this drama. Instead of him nagging her and texting her like crazy. It is clear that something is holding her back. We sense things sometimes without knowing. He doesnt make her smile but just comes off as pushy and arrogant. The promo for the 3rd episode revealed he will take back his proposal out of spite because he doesnt think she has the right to delay her answer.

    That made me think about a lot of things. First is this common? That guys have small egos and think women should cower an accept their proposal and that delaying an answer because you are considering it and thinking about it, is an attack on the guys ego? It doesnt help that his family (bar one aunt) boost his ego and make him seem perfect, somebody nobody can refuse. The way they were discussing the girl was pretty bad. Do educated and well off families do that?

    Marriage is a serious matter. It is not like buying a dress or a car. If you send a proposal you must be sure and not do it out of stubbornness (zid) or ego. You should do it because you want to settle down and think this is the right person. You must also allow the other person who doesnt even know you to consider this. It is not like you can just easily exit a marriage as easily as you enter it (Another clause which is relevent on the nikahnama is that girls should retain the right to divorce – this is not khula, you always khula as an option but in khula you give up your mehr and any monetary support due from this husband). So clearly we need to think long and hard before saying yes or no.

    He makes such a bad impression that she should have said no. But it is a drama and we have to work with the plot. But ego is a bad place to start. It becomes about power struggles. Why create war? Relationships have difficult odd when the guy makes everything about his ego. Ideally man and woman should trust and love each other and work together. If there is no love or beforehand dating then you must allow time to get to know each other and get comfortable. I am not comfortable with him as a viewer. But I am going to watch it because I am intrigued. I want to know what happens. This is my first drama with Ali Rehman so I hope his drama character will improve with time.

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