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Neem Episode-12 to15 Overview: Is Zimmal regretting her decision?

Ashad lost his mother

Neem the drama serial airing at Hum TV is down with 15 episodes, The play was going strong until Zimmal married off Shizal to her friend Maryam. The play hopefully won’t go to Soukaan rivalry side. Performances are good particularly Mawra Hussain has given her best to this play. In the previous episodes, we have seen Zimmal pursuing her husband to marry her friend for a child. In these episodes, she is been successful in doing that but is she now regretting her decision?

Karamat Khan’s daughter’s involvement with Amjad Salwa has given his side man a chance to dig a hole for him. It is evident that his side man used to do all the drama of being loyal to him in reality he hates him to bits and wants to see him doomed. He has eyes on his wealth and property, her daughter is the only heir of his property. He wants him to kill off his daughter for honor so no one is left as his heir. Karamat Khan is suffering from unbearable back pain.

Ashaad lost his mother and he has lost all his hopes as well. Our heart goes out to the poor boy. He has lost the will to live on top of that he is also fed up with his life and maybe he will return from America. His paper marriage wife is giving him a really tough time, she claims for half of his property which he is not ready to give to her at any cost. He is thinking of hiring a lawyer for that.

Shizal and Maryam seem to get along well, they are going on their short honeymoon trip. Zimmal is bearing all the burden herself but she is apparently handling it gracefully. Maryam and Shizal are nice to her as well and apparently, they have a cordial relationship but deep down Zimmal is suffering she is uncomfortable to see Maryam taking her own place in Shizal’s life.

Zimmal is losing her cool in her classroom she starts shouting at her students like the way Maryam used to do before. Zimmal is confessing that she is not being comfortable with this situation. She thinks she is being toxic and she cannot see anyone taking her own place, particularly in her husband’s life. She calls her mentor and expresses her honest feelings to him. He tells her to stay calm. It is solely Zimmal’s own decision but now is she really regretting her own decision? Well, Shizal has been quite a disappointment.


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