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Arooj Aftab has a request for her former schools in Lahore

Arooj Aftab has a request for her former schools in Lahore!

Pakistan’s first Grammy winner Arooj Aftab has asked her former schools to formally introduce music into the curriculum.

She took to Instagram and shared a concert poster from 19 years ago, along an old photo when she performed at school 22 years ago and said, “Even that small amount of support I got from the schools I attended in Lahore was enough for me to boldly dream a dream and make it my truth.”

“Imagine what could be possible if we really actually supported the arts and made space for creative minds to thrive in more than just an extracurricular capacity. Consider this an open letter to LGS, Defence and the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore, asking them to offer music as an O Level and A Level subject,” she added.

“1. My first live show opening for Strings 2003, 2. My real first ever live performance in the Y2K year 2000 yooo and I guess the little introduction I made? Lol,” she added.


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