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Asim Azhar opens up about his relationship status with Hania Aamir

The two are unofficially the cutest couple in town


This year’s Fashion Week was alot more exciting than the usual, and it wasnt just the clothes that made it all the more interesting! As photos and videos of Asim Azhar performing in the event while Hania Amir walks down the ramp in Zainab Chottani surfaced, the two have become quite the talk of the town among their fans seeking for answers regarding their un-announced, unofficial dating.


Its no news that something had been going on between the two young stars as both of them have been seen hanging out and about many times on and off social media, however, either one is yet to have commented on the rumours flying around whether the two are a couple or not. UNTIL NOW!


In a recent interview on BBC Asian Network, the young star singer, Asim Azha finally decided to spill the beans when questioned by Haroon Rashid about his relationship with Hania. Although not able to provide his fans with full closure, Asim cleverly answered “I am not in a position to answer that casually, or really frankly.”

Hania Aamir, Asim Azhar to star in telefilm, “Kahani Pyar Ki

Rashid decided to hit Asim with the obvious question “Are you two dating?”. To which the singer nervously responded “Are you going to put me on the spot like that?”. But at the same time, Asim decided to continue to explain his beautiful bond with Hania “You see, my heart is beating really fast. I don’t think I’m in a position to answer that really casually. I feel like she’s the kind of person who brings a lot of positivity in my life. It so much fun being around her. We’re always laughing, we’re always just messing around. It’s just nice to have someone be genuinely supporting for whatever you do.”

When further questioned about why the two haven’t yet made their relationship public, Rashid tried to link it to the social conditioning in Pakistani culture and how dating is considered a taboo, to which the singer replied “The only reason I am the way I am right now is only because I respect her, any comment, whether yes or no, I would want her consent. Definitely not because of any social pressure.”

As the interview continued to get more interesting, the singer also revealed that many people have been showing concern over him uploading pictures with the beautiful actress Hania Amir, however, he does it because it brings him peace.


While Asim may not have fully disclosed his relationship with Hania, we know that the two share a beautiful bond and are the cutest love birds in town! Stay tuned for more!

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