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Bushra Ansari’s 64th Birthday Made Special by Family

Legendary artist Bushra Ansari just turned 64 and while the celebration was at a halt due to pandemic and lockdown situation, the day was indeed special for the Udaari actress.

“My birthday became happy with my kids. Nariman Ansari and Sherazade, Umar you made my even,” wrote Bushra on Instagram in a caption for a picture of herself with daughter and grandchildren.

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She also shared another picture with her grandchildren, “Thank you, my dear friends, fans, and family for your kind blessings on my birthday.”


But it was not only Bushra Ansari who highlighted her special day. Her beloved niece Zara Noor Abbas also penned down a birthday wish for her godmother.

“This goes out to the most celebrated woman in our family. The one who is loved by so many and loves so many” wrote Zara.

“You are my Godmother for everything that you think, do, want for me. Because that is even better than what I think for myself,” she added.


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