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Chadwick Boseman Took a Pay Cut in 21 Bridges to Get Sienna Miller Her Deserved Salary

Soon after Chadwick Boseman lost his life to cancer, testimonies from fans and friends started pouring in speaking of the Black Panther actor’s great character. The latest to remember Chadwick is 21 Bridges co-star Sienna Miller who recalled how he took a pay cut in the film to get her, the desired, and deserved salary.

“This was a pretty big-budget film, and I know that everybody understands about the pay disparity in Hollywood, but I asked for a number that the studio wouldn’t get to,” Sienna told Empire Magazine recently.

She further shared “And because I was hesitant to go back to work and my daughter was starting school and it was an inconvenient time, I said, ‘I’ll do it if I’m compensated in the right way.’”

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“Chadwick ended up donating some of his salary to get me to the number that I had asked for. He said that that was what I deserved to be paid.

He said, ‘You’re getting paid what you deserve, and what you’re worth.’ It’s just unfathomable to imagine another man in that town behaving that graciously or respectfully,” the actress said.

Sienna said that the generous act was done secretly by Chadwick and it was “a testament to who he was”.

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