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Emilia Clarke’s Brain Injuries Helped Her Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

The near death experiences have made the actress grateful for the life she has, says Emilia

Emilia Clarke's BrainEmilia Clarke's Brain Injuries Helped Her Combat COVID-19 Pandemic - OyeYeah News

Game of Thrones famed Emilia Clarke who won over the global TV with her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen had suffered from brain injuries in 2011 and 2013, during the course of the show. The same injuries, which gave a near-death experience to the actress, have made her capable to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, says Emilia.

“When you personally come very close to dying — which I did twice — it brings into light a conversation that you have with yourself, [which] goes to the tune of appreciation for what you do have, thanks for the people who are here,” said the actress in a recent interview with Time 100 Talks.

“And understanding that, and wrapping your head around it, has counter-intuitively opened my mind in so many ways. When you truly understand and feel grief, which is what we’re all experiencing right now in a global pandemic […] understanding that grief just inherently makes you empathetic to others,” she continued.

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Emilia also spoke of how the quarantine period has left her being able of minimalistic in life and driven her away from materialism. She then also spoke of the only things needed in life for strength and happiness.

“Really what you need is to strip it back, and to be introspective and reflective where possible. That’s the thing that’s going to last you for the rest of your life because that’s you. That’s the ‘you’ you’re living with until the day you die. And if you can, on any level, rely on or trust that then you’re strong. You are strong,” the Game of Thrones actress said.

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