Internet has found Iqra Aziz’s doppelgänger!

Doesn't this Lebanese architect Nour look exactly like Iqra Aziz?

Iqra Aziz's doppelgängerInternet has found Iqra Aziz's doppelgänger - OyeYeah News

The internet almost thought this was Iqra Aziz! However, that was not the case this is a young beautiful architect from Lebonan who looks just like Iqra Aziz.

 Iqra Aziz

A social media user from Pakistan spotted Nour’s twitter post and for a moment she thought it was Iqra Aziz with someone in the video, and instantly she retweeted Nour’s video featuring her along with her handsome fiancé.

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Doesn’t this Lebanese architect Nour look exactly like Iqra Aziz?

The comments left Nour to google and find out who is Iqra Aziz and she was stunned to find her doppelgänger.

Replying to a comment on twitter she  also shared that,  “My fiance was almost convinced that I’m leading a secret double life after he saw Iqra’s photos, he’s still in shock

And after this discovery, social media users are gushing over the striking similarity of the two:

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