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Iqra Aziz has a message for all those cyber bullies out there!

In Iqra Aziz's efforts, perhaps someone would take a lesson and share happiness around


Iqra Aziz is one talented actress. She knows what she’s doing when she takes up a role and delivers it perfectly. Recently, the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi starlet opened up about cyber bullying and how words could spread negativity and absolutely destroy someone’s life.

Taking to Instagram, Iqra Aziz, talked about cyber bullying stating, “It takes a few words to humiliate someone to the core, few words to fat shame someone, few words to thrust down their throat that they aren’t good enough for the world, few words to spread negativity and insecurities.”


Stating how the same words had the power to make someone smile and spread positivity, Iqra added, “It take a few words to bring a smile on someone’s face, it would take a few words to save someone’s life, it would take a few words to make someone feel beautiful, it would take a few words to spread all the positivity you have.”

Iqra shared how reading negative comments on her social media had prompted her thoughts. She added facts that 300 million people around the world have depression, and why should one only contribute to adding up those numbers when they had the power to help someone and spread positivity.

Fans keep their favorite celebs on a high pedestal and it is always good to see influential celebs stepping up and addressing a good cause. In Iqra Aziz’s efforts, perhaps someone would take a lesson and share happiness around, rather than criticism and adding to the already negative world around us.

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