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Ironic: Mika Singh Forcefully Apologizes to World’s Biggest Democracy India for Performing in Pakistan!

The singer recently performed at a private event in Pakistan and has since received severe backlash from extremist Indians

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In contrast to the tall claims of being largest secular state in the world and making up biggest democracy of the world, India miserably failed to grant ‘freedom of choice’ to its citizen Mika Singh.

The acclaimed Bollywood singer recently performed at a private event in Pakistan, and hence since then became a target for extremist Indian media, masses and Bollywood fraternity.

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After the recent threat by Indian Cine Association – an apparent showrunner of Bollywood – to ban Mika Singh from working in the film industry, the singer has put forward an apology to his fellows.

As per the short statement Mika issued after severe pressure, as an angry mob chanted slogans outside his house, the singer has the following to say.

“I apologize for knowingly or unknowingly hurting the sentiments of my Indian fellows,” said the singer.

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He added, “I will soon hold a press conference and put forward my stance on the matter. Till then I request the association to give me time and not ban me right away.”

Ironically as Mika apologized forcefully, his stance was further bashed by Indian media. Calling it a “trying to save his work in Bollywood” move, the singer’s words were further twisted to ridicule him in media.

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