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Juggun Kazim shares heartbreaking experience of being fat shamed while pregnant

The actress recently had a miscarriage and suffered criticism for rapidly gaining weight


Seems like we have a lot to progress about when it comes to being a constructive society. Criticism and not only that constructs, but one that absolutely destroys the receiver are available freely in our society. In fact, people take it upon themselves to give off unwanted criticism and advice, without being asked for. And not only us, but even our celebrities are also not spared.

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Recently actress Juggun Kazim shared a heart-wrenching experience of how she was fat-shamed while being pregnant.

Juggun Kazim had recently been pregnant and rapidly gaining weight. However, since her earlier pregnancies had been precarious, Juggun kept quiet about it until she was certain. But the pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a miscarriage and all the while the actress had to listen to taunts of getting fat, without people knowing the actual reason.

Taking to her social media, Juggun recently shared her experience.

“We need to stop fat-shaming other people. People who are overweight know they are overweight. Their weight gain may be for any number of reasons, some desirable and some not. Yes, some people need to be encouraged to lead a more active lifestyle. But unless you are somebody’s mother or sister, don’t tell them what you think of their body,” wrote Juggun in a heartfelt Instagram post stressing how destructive it was to fat shame people who had been going through their situations with a medical or personal reason altogether.

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She concluded with a beautiful message stating that life was short and kindness was all one needed to live.

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