#KarachiRains: Celebrities Take to Social Media and Raise Voice for the Metropolis

Worried, baffled, generous, Pakistani celebs had all sorts of reactions to the devastating rains


Karachi witnessed one of the most destructive rains on Thursday, leaving the city crippled and submerged by urban flooding. While the city continues to face the wrath of 89-year record-breaking rains, celebrities took to social media to express solidarity with the city and raise voice over its regressive infrastructure.

“We are seeing horror stories on twitter only. Imagine the people now in the dark, no phones, no lights, inundated with the weight of water-consuming homes, their streets, and their businesses. We pray for them to get through the night,” Shaniera Akram actively voiced her concerns on Twitter the whole day.


“Electrocution, drowning, irreversible damage to property, poisoning, cross-contamination, hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid, risk of the polio outbreak, not to mention the diseases associated with mosquito infestation like dengue and malaria! How is Karachi not in a state of emergency??” the socialite wrote another tweet as she further urged the citizens to help each other and open wallets, doors, and arms for those in need.


“With the videos, I’m seeing, the stories I’m hearing, its a National Emergency situation. People are homeless, stuck on the streets, or being swept away. Are there relief packages being prepared? Is help coming? When?” Ayesha Omar lamented over the metropolitan’s state.

“Karachi has been in a state of denial….it baffles everyone that the country’s largest city has only regressed over time. I say this with no political bias just as a citizen. It is almost like people of Karachi have been abandoned,” Fakhar e Alam tweeted.

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi tweeted of the work his NGO Shahid Afridi Foundation carried out to help the citizens. “#SAF team is always there to lend a helping hand for those in need. Wading through waist-high water during the flood in Karachi to provide support to vulnerable households and at-risk persons. Ensuring #HopeNotOut for all!” the former cricketer tweeted.


the authorAisha Arshad