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Kareena Kapoor’s new motto: Fit and Healthy!

Kareena Kapoor came into the Bollywood industry as a chubby sweetheart who won over hearts with her gorgeous eyes and her convincing acting skills. Starting from Refugee, Kareena moved onto one film after another with ease. However, the girl was often criticized for her chubby yet wholesome appearance. And so, Kareena Kapoor took it upon herself to bring forth a change.

Slimming down to size 0 with a diet of almonds and soy milk in abundance, Kareena Kapoor stunned in Tashan opposite Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan. They say, Kareena’s size 0 was a look for her movie Tashan and the diva was bashed in abundance for giving a very unhealthy message to her followers and a wrong image for girls to aspire for.

Recently, talking to the Times of India, Kareena stressed how she has always maintained being fit and healthy and not a particular size. “I always say, size has nothing to do with being healthy or being fit. It’s about how comfortable you are,” she said.

Commenting on how she was happy with the change where actresses were sticking to their natural physiques rather than slimming down, Kareena said, “I think if you are doing it for a part, it’s great. But I think, otherwise, one should just be comfortable the way they are.”

Kareena Kapoor says that girls today should aspire to be fit and healthy rather than slimming down to unnatural sizes. Kapoor, who was also bashed for post-pregnancy weight hit the gym a few months after giving birth to Taimur and again flaunts a very fit physique.

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