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Mahira Khan Preaches Humanity Without Border to a Fan from India

The actress was accused of turning blind eye to religious fascism in Pakistan and she responded beautifully

Mahira KhanMahira surely left her fans impressed once again with her remarkable composure and sensibility - OyeYeah News

As India Muslims continue to suffer under the extremist regime of Modi-raj, many have taken it to Twitter to voice their concerns over the growing communal violence in the country that is home to millions of Muslims.

Amid the raising eyebrows, Mahira Khan too took to Twitter and addressed the issue with retweets and posts of her own. However, the starlet’s actions did not go down well with an Indian fan who accused her of raising voice for Indian Muslims and turning blind eye to Pakistani Hindu’s plight.

“Hi @TheMahiraKhan. Being a fan from India doesn’t mean that agreed with your statements too. Where are you when nearly 1,000 minority girls forced in marriage every year. Where are you when Hindu temple vandalize in Thar village,” tweeted the user Zeeshan.

In response, Mahira beautifully shut down the allegations of biases on her and stated her stance loud and clear for the world to hear.

“You have all the right to disagree with me. And to answer your question- I am always there raising my voice, whether it is a minority atrocity or something else I feel strongly about,” wrote the Humsafar actress.

“This isn’t abt India vs Pakistan. It’s humanity vs fascist politics. Peace for both nations,” she concluded.

Known for raising her voice on all important social issues, Mahira surely left her fans impressed once again with her remarkable composure and sensibility.

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