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Meera undergoes a ‘major surgery’ in a private hospital at Dubai

Meera had been complaining of abdominal pain.


Pakistani Film actress Meera is currently hospitalized at a private hospital in Dubai. The actress underwent a ‘major surgery’ after complaining about abdominal pain.

Baaji’s star health deteriorated last week, and she was hospitalised after she complained of pain in her stomach. As per doctors’ advise she underwent multiple medical tests

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Earlier, the actress was discharged from the hospital a day later, with sources saying that doctors had advised her to seek operation for her condition.

The actress husband Captain Naveed revealed that she has undergone ‘a major operation’ on Wednesday,  and is in the recovery room following the surgery, “Meera was quite unwell. She has undergone major surgery. The surgery has been completed and she in recovery.”

Captain Naveed further shared that for complete recovery actress will remain in the hospital for 4 to 5 days.”Meera will be kept in the hospital for four or five more days”.

Captain Naveed has refused to share any further details about the exact nature of Meera’s medical conditions nor gave any reasons for undergoing the surgery.

Meera was previously hospitalized on 16 September after which, according to sources, she started complaining of abdominal pain and burning sensations on her skin. She had dinner with her family and friends on Tuesday, the night before the operation and her condition appeared to be stable.

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