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Meghan ‘vilified and chased’ by press like Diana, says George Clooney

The duchess – whose first child is due soon – gets a ‘raw deal’ from media, the Hollywood film star speaks of his mind with an Australian magazine


Meghan Markle is being ´vilified and chased´ by the tabloid press in the same way the late Princess Diana was, Hollywood superstar George Clooney has shared his thoughts with an Australian magazine.

Clooney, who is also a close friend of Markle and husband Prince Harry, has warned of “history repeating” itself with the increasingly feverish media attention on the expectant royal couple.

During an interview with the magazine ‘WHO’, Clooney says, “I do want to say, they´re just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere,”

He added, “She´s a woman who is seven months pregnant and she has been pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that Diana was and its history repeating itself,”

“We´ve seen how that ends”, he further added.

George Clooney, who was promoting his new TV series, Catch-22, criticized the invasion of her privacy. “I can’t tell you how frustrating that is, just seeing them broadcast a letter from a daughter to a father, she’s getting a raw deal there and I think it’s irresponsible and I’m surprised by that,” he said.

The British press is famous to be known as aggressive press. It was back in 1997 when Diana died in a car crash in Paris Tunnel while being chased by paparazzi on motorcycles.

The Duke of Sussex and his older brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, have had a difficult relationship with the media since the death of their mother.

Ever since Megan’s relationship with Prince Harry was revealed to the world, the press is always chasing her.

Media coverage has turned increasingly critical, regardless of the impending birth of the royal couple´s first child. There are reports almost daily of palace sniping over her manner. And the Tabloid newspapers have also luxuriated in stories about Markle´s fractured American family.

Clooney and his human rights lawyer wife Amal, were also in attendance at the Royal wedding last year in May.


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