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Model Farwa Ali Kazmi Tests Positive for COVID19 a Week After Attending Fashion Show in Lahore

Earlier last week Lahore hosted its first-ever fashion show after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, and one of the participating models Farwa Ali Kazmi has now tested positive for the virus. Taking it to Instagram, Farwa announced the news as she requested everyone who has been in contact with her last week to isolate themselves.

“I am Covid positive. Everyone who has been in touch with me or Ali in the past week please quarantine yourself,” wrote the model.

“All those with cough, body aches, and headaches but no fever; please get yourself tested. I had delayed it thinking its seasonal cold, but it’s not,” she added as she urged everyone else to take flu-like symptoms serious.

Soon enough people bombarded Farwa with criticism for participating in Hussain Rehar show and exposing herself to many others from the fashion industry. The model responded that she only had a cough a week ago which was not a reason big enough to get tested.

“Stop blaming people for something they’re not aware of. If I had flu-like symptoms I would have gotten myself tested before,” Farwa said.

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