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PIA Invites Prince Harry and Meghan To Visit Northern Areas Of Pakistan

PIA and its Twitter handle, have been becoming increasingly interesting. And now, it seems, they just don’t let any moment of publicity and opportunity to market themselves go by. Recently, while the world was enjoying the Royal Wedding, PIA, in a moment of intelligence, shared a tweet, recalling Princess Diana’s visit to Pakistan and inviting the newly wed Royal Couple to do the same.

The tweet reads: “We watched the #RoyalWeddding & remembered #PrincessDiana & her trip to the northern areas of Pakistan, & we thought how wonderful it would be for the newly weds to visit our northern splendours as well! So #PrinceHarry & #PrincessMeghan, we are ready, just let us know when! #PIA”

Perhaps the timing might not be right, but this sweet gesture by PIA is definitely one of the best gesture put forward by Pakistan and its national airline for the royal couple.


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