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Ranoo Bear Gets Rescued as Court Orders Karachi Zoo to Take Immediate Action

Earlier last week a viral video of a thirsty baby bear in Karachi Zoo had made everyone restless and responsive. Among the frontlines of response was actress Mashal Khan who took it to Instagram two days ago and announced the good news of bears plight being heard by the Sindh High Court.

“I’m so happy with this order. Next hearing for Ranoo’s case is on Saturday. This is a huge step forward for getting Ranoo the love and care she deserves,” wrote Mashal alongside the picture of the court order.



The court order directed Karachi Zoo and its director to form a committee to look into the matter and submit a report on Ranoo’s health on the next hearing which was held today.

The Sindh High Court also instructed the zoo authorities to be prompt in their activities and provide a natural habitat to the baby bear.

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