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Rohail Hyatt’s defense of PM Khan’s rape statement not acceptable for many netizens

He had shared his views regarding PM's statement in a thread of tweets


Rohail Hyatt’s defense of PM Khan’s rape statement lands him in criticism!

Former Coke Studio’s music producer’s response to PM Imran Khan’s comments has irked many of the social media users.

But he has a few more words to stick to his stance!

Rohail Hyatt who supposedly keeps a low profile on social media, in a thread of tweets, shared his views regarding PM’s statement.

“I believe @ImranKhanPTI words have been taken out of context and a big ruckus created by the so-called champions of Freedom and Liberty. He’s clearly condemning rape and giving a message that going out of the boundaries of modesty invites trouble and who can deny this fact?” he said.

Hyatt went on to say, “He’s not saying it’s justified! As a leader, he’s simply speaking to us about the ground realities of what is around us. Yes indeed there is a sickness out there and one can contest if the better solution is to target the oppressor as opposed to the oppressed.

“But that’s not what was being addressed by him. As a father, I’d give the same advice to my child to be mindful of how you dress in our society. Not because I want to give into the sickness, but because I care for the person I’m giving the advice to,” he added.

“Likewise to the extreme right, the centre is way to the left. Only the very neutral among us will appreciate the power of the centre. Isn’t this where the power of balance lies? In trying to practice neutrality, I see the tennis match between the two extremes all the time,” he added.

“They are both the same actually. Extremists! Both shout to kill the other and they both hate everything except their own ways. One wants to cover from head to toe and the other want to strip-down from head to toe as a display of their preferences,” he continued.

“Modesty is not an extreme. It’s a centred concept if one should want to contemplate the idea. I’d advise people to try to bring themselves to the middle ground and not get caught up with the play of either ‘extremists’. Just watch the mud fly by and duck when necessary,” Rohail Hyatt went on to add.

His comments left many irked as many social media users responded personally to Hyatt’s comments.

Though the former Vital Signs founding member was there to respond to the criticism directed towards him as well.



It was a few days ago when PM Imran Khan shared his stance on the rise of sexual violence cases in Pakistan during a live on-call TV session.

“In any society where vulgarity is prevalent, there are consequences,” Khan had said.

“The reason why our religion stresses covering up your body and maintaining modesty is to avoid any such temptation. Not everyone has the willpower to avoid it.”


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