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Shahroz Sabzwari Breaks Silence Over Divorce and Affair Rumors

Two days ago social media was abuzz as everyone’s favorite celebrity couple Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra were rumored to be ending their seven-year-long relationship. What was worse was the speculation that the two were on the verge of divorce due to Shahroz’s alleged affair with model Sadaf Kanwal.

However, after a day Shahroz decided to address the bashing and rumor mill as he categorically denied all the baseless claims of divorce and affair.

“Syra is still my wife,” said Shehroz as he spoke in a video on his Instagram.

Shahroz added that while he and Syra have separated six months ago due to differences in ideologies, the two are currently giving space and time to their relationship to work it out or call it off.

“In either case, we’ll come out in open and announce the fate of our relationship. We aren’t getting divorced right now,” added the Hassad actor.

Shahroz went on to call out publications and individuals who speculated of his affair with Sadaf and presented as the basis of his divorce.

“I only met Sadaf a month ago; I and Syra have been separated for six months now. How can somebody bring Sadaf in between all this? It’s unfair to her as well,” stated Shehroz.


The actor requested everyone to respect his privacy and do not make baseless assumptions due to rumors. He also told everyone to wait and pray for betterment rather than adding fuel to the fire.

Alongside, Sadaf too issued a statement and denied the claims of her involvement with Shahroz. “Shahroz and I are just friends,” said the Alif actress.

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