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Sonya Hussyn dedicated her Valentine’s day post to Ladies!

The actress shared a special message for ladies on Insta and wished them a happy life ahead.


Sonya Hussyn sent out a strong message to all the ladies of the nation in her special Valentine’s day post.

The Ishq Zahe Naseeb actress wrote on Instagram “Here’s my token of Love for all the ladies out there; either they are single, happily married, divorced, single mother, budding entrepreneur, strong and independent working woman – those who don’t need to be told their self worth and value.”

She continued, “Because they already know how amazing and worthy they are!! You’re loved, you’re celebrated, you’re cherished. You’re worthy of all the love and attention you can receive.”

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The actress concluded her post wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to all women out there.


Hussyn is one of those actors who are strong proponents of women empowerment and women rights. The Azaadi actress also makes sure she practices what she preaches on women related issues. She has even dared to turn down various hit roles because they were showing women in a bad light, the latest being Mehwish’s role in massive hit drama serial in Meray Paas Tum Ho.




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