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Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas now have their own ‘action’ figures

Do you know what’s the most exciting gift Sophie and Joe Jonas received for their wedding in France, this summer?

Although the wedding itself was a lavish affair with friends and family showering the duo with presents; their best gift came from younger brother Frankie Jonas.

Frankie Jonas, actually gifted, Joe and Sophie, special action figures of the duo. The younger Jonas hired California based designer to create the duo’s action figures who then titled the figurines “G.I.Jophie Matrimonial Edition.”

Taking to Instagram, Brown shared the figurines, “I was hired by Frankie Jonas to make this wedding gift for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Obviously a huge deal for me. I was hoping they’d share a pic but I imagine they have at least 1000 other gifts to go through and probably at least half of those are way cooler so I’m giving in and sharing it anyway. Frankie was super good to me and gave me total creative freedom aside from the title, which he thought up, which is probably the best part of the whole thing.”


“Very honored to get this gig! I lined up another huge one I’m excited to share with y’all but first i have to actually make it,” Dano also announced, making us wonder which celebrity is he turning to action figures next.

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