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Zara Noor Abbas’ lovely note to Sajal Aly on her wedding sets some serious BFF’s goals

" It willbe hard to share you" says Zara Noor Abbas

Zara Noor and Sajal AlyZara Noor Abbas' lovely note to Sajal Aly on her wedding sets - OyeYeah News

Sahad Wedding festivities are in full swing, and fans are super excited to get these updates. Amidst much excitement, Sajal Aly’s best friend and Maid in Honor after Zara Noor Abbas has shared a heartfelt note for the bride to be on her Instagram.

Zara Noor Abbas shares a beautiful picture of her with her best friend laughing together, recalling the time they have spent together, Zara writes that their friendship is almost a decade old where they both shared many moments of happiness and grief. Her post also includes two pictures, and a video clip where the bride-to-be is caught saying “mere paas tum ho Zara.” The duo is giving us some serious BFF goals.


Ehad e Wafa star shares, “A decade. Almost a decade to us. To you. We saw too much together. Shared too much. Lives. Deaths. Happiness. Desparity. Been there through thick and thin. And here you are. Off to unfold a new chapter of your life.” she further added,”I can’t believe you are getting married now. My young firefly turned into such a fine lady and in no time chose her path so gracefully; I had never thought would happen so early. Although I always knew you were to always fly higher and higher. I wish you nothing but the best”

Zara ended her lovely note with that famous dialogue,” Jaa Simran Jaa Jee lay Apni Zindagi”

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