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Bakhtawar Episode-22 Review: Bakhtoo’s reality is finally revealed

Malik Dilawar is shocked to know that Bakhtoo is actually Bakhtawar

Hum TV Drama serial Bakhtawar is 22 Episodes down, and this serial has taken an interesting turn. Despite having many flaws in the story, this particular episode turns out to be quite interesting. Performances are all on spot. In the previous episode, we watched Bakhtawar being taken into Police custody. In this episode, it is shown that Bakhtawar reveals the reality of Bakhtoo in front of Malik Dilawar.

The episode begins when Bakhatwar is ready to tell all the truth about herself to Malik Dilawar and to everyone. She sends her mother home and we have seen that Bakhtawar’s mother goes straight to Ahad’s house. Ahad is shown serving his khala tea all the time and telling her not to worry. Well, one wonders what kind of support he is extending to Bakhtawar when he is sitting comfortably at his home and not going to the Police station.

Bakahtwar in front of Malik Dilawar confesses her reality by revealing her face in front of him. Malik Dilawar is shocked and angry to know that he and his family have been fooled by Bakhtawar all the time. He is also hurt that why Bakhtawar needs to lie to him when she could have trusted him. With this revelation, Bakhtawar also tells the Police as the only witness of that incident, she names Salar as the culprit.

Well in the previous episodes, it has been established that Chaudhry Dastaghir is an extremely powerful person and he could buy the whole system. Despite all these Police raids right into the house of Chaudhry Dastaghir and they arrest Salaar which seems so unreal. Salaar was about to kill Bakhtoo and he is also after killing Noora but could not succeed in both and instead get arrested himself. Surprisingly the Police officer who is Dilawar’s friend is back to his post.

As far as I remember Chaudhry Dastaghir has sent that Police Officer out of the country, now fortunes have reversed with Bakhtawar’s statement and the revealing of her identity is being televised. Salaar is in trouble and so is Hooriya’s political career. One Wonders where is Chaudhry Dastaghir? and why he is not exhibiting his power in this particular episode. Wondering if Malik Dilawar is now romantically inclining toward Bakhatawar as that Police officer and Dilawar both are discussing her and also saying that her presence in his life is like a riddle. Malik Dilawar encounters Ahad and he introduces himself as Bakhtawar’s fiance. What is going to happen next in this episode? Interesting build-up!

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