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Belapur Ki Dayan Episode7 Review: Neelofar has an unfulfilled purpose!

Revenge is what's igniting Neelofar against Aziz

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Belapur Ki Dayan is one of those dramas that make you want to tune into it, week after week. You really want to find out what happened with Neelofar, the dayan, and why is she out to get everyone else. The mystery is unfolding bit by bit and we’re now more than eager to dig into Neelofar’s haunting past, which has made her the ravenous dayan, she is today.

Belapur Ki Dayan Episode 6 Review: The mystery unravels!

Saife Hassan’s direction gives you the chills. Each and every frame is crisp and cut to perfection, with every actor delivering spot on performances. Amar Khan continues to be a favorite because we love her transitions from Neelofar to dayan are so smooth and haunting in the real sense. We really want to know the reason behind Neelofar’s transformation. From the bits and pieces that we’re shown, we understand her to be a very quiet and reserved girl. We also see her falling in love with Shakir (Adnan Siddiqui) who happens to be the son of her father’s friend.

This episode shows Aliya’s conviction about the locked room. Ghaida told her that the locked room at the Karamat house would contain answers to all their troubles but Aziz Sahab is adamant about the particular room staying locked.

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Adnan Siddiqui’s character was also introduced in this episode as Neelofar’s love interest and the son of her father’s friend. Shakir has been assigned to teach Neelofar but it seems the duo is interested in each other romantically. But Neelofar’s brother suspects something between them and therefore things might not be all smooth and easy for them in the future.

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Even after getting turned down by her father in law, Aliya and her mother in law go about opening the locked door. They find Neelofar’s pictures and then discover Tasha there in the strangest way possible. Later, Aziz Sahab discovers them and admonishes them for opening the locked door. He gets a repairman to fix the door but while working so, he hears anklets tinkling in the night.


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The drama ends hanging us in suspense. What will happen next? When will we get to learn Neelofar’s secret and the reason why she choose to possess Tasha. Even though Sara Khan was shown very little in this episode, we liked what we were shown of her. Sara Khan looks absolutely perfect as Tasha, nailing her confusion upon being sick and not knowing what’s happening with her. We just wish we had known a bit about Tasha’s character more, than what is revealed to us on the surface.

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