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Berukhi Episode-12 Review: Irtiza has lost all hopes of getting Sabeen

We certainly do not want Sabeen to marry the criminal Kamaran.

Berukhi Episode-12 ReviewBerukhi Episode-12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Berukhi the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is 12 episodes down. The story has turned quite tedious and there are a few flaws in it but overall it is an interesting watch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Irtiza comes to know that Sabeen is not the girl Iyya Jaan has chosen for him. In this episode, Irtiza has lost all hopes of getting Sabeen.

Irtiza is really disappointed to know that Sabeen is not the girl Iyya Jaan has chosen for him, he has lost all hopes as Sabeen has told him that she is engaged and will soon get married. He is sharing his disappointment and sadness with Qasim telling him that love not goes well with him when Agha Jaan listens to all this and he made up his mind to meet Sabeen.

Kamaran is very much consistent in his character, he is not slowing down in his flirting game, even when he is about to marry Sabeen he has not left his bad habits. He is a compulsive womanizer and he is still continuously flirting with a girl, giving her false hopes of marriage. The girl comes to his office and there too he continues to give her false hopes and fake promises of marriage.

The girl coincidentally finds Kamaran’s nikkah cards stacked on the table and there her eyes get open as she gets a reality check. She tries to create a lot of hue and cry in the office but she gets rewarded with a slap by Kamaran. Kamaran has stooped so low that he even hires Ata Baksh to kill or kidnap that girl. He is a criminal to the core. Well, Kamaran actually kills that girl through his worker or she accidentally gets killed by an accident as Kamran is telling the police no one knows the truth but according to CCTV cameras she has committed suicide.

Irtiza has not forgotten Sabeen, he is still lost in her thoughts that even he coincidentally calls her house help Sabeen. Well, the way the house help tell this to Iyya Jaan is too much a stretch and then Iyya Jaan getting panicked and sending gifts for Maira is making no sense. House help’s creating the drama of fainting and then inquiring about Sabeen is again not making any sense at all. Why they are so sure that Sabeen is actually the one living in Maira’s place. We have shown that how cunningly Kamaran bribes the police. We certainly do not want Sabeen to marry this criminal Kamaran.

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