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Daasi Episode-28 Review: Irma being vile, tells Sunheri that Aahil does not love her

Sunheri is too naive to believe what Irma and Rabab says to her

Daasi Episode-28 ReviewIn this episode Irma being vile, tells Sunheri that Aahil does not love her - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Daasi the drama serial running on Hum Tv has aired its 28th episode, here it seems like trials of Sunheri are never-ending but the hope is there as her best friend Aaliya is now at her side too with Aadil and Aahil. The plot is quite engaging and very artfully penned down by Misbah Nousheen. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are giving their best performances.

Sunheri is trying to help out Aahil bandaging his injured hand, she is recalling how he has saved her from Shahabuddin and in return his hand gets injured as a result. They have a really romantic scene where Aahil is holding her hands saying that it is his duty to save her. She is not a burden on him in fact he really feels good to help her. Sunheri is extremely terrified to know that Shahuddin wanted to kill her.


Aahil is curious to know that how come Shahuddin dared to enter into his house, he tells him that his servant has given him the keys. Rubab, on the other hand, tries to vilify Mawra’s character by saying that who knows she might have called him but Aahil was deadly sure that this is not the case. Later Shahuddin tells the Police that actually it is Rubab who has ordered him to come, Aahil is not ready to accept this ugly reality that his mother is behind that but then, the Police shows him the video in which his mother is talking with Shahabuddin.


Irma, on the other hand, is not what we were thinking about her. She is not a positive character, she despite hearing all the story of Sunheri from Aahil is still after Aahil. She is such a vile person that she meets Sunheri and tries to feed her mind that Aahil is actually in love with her and all he is doing to try helping Sunheri because he is trying to repay all the good she has done to him during his hard times. She very arrogantly says that she and Sunheri have no comparison and that certainly Aahil deserves her. Sunheri is so naive to believe her nonsense.


Sunheri is so hurt that she even tries to leave the house but Aahil stops her. She even asked him to leave her and that he does not have to support her to that extent well she should have discussed with him what Irma has said to her. Aahil says in defeat that he will divorce her but now as her life is not safe. Shahabuddin is after her so he cannot leave her. Aaliya, on the other hand, is worrying that to what extent Shahabuddin can go, she is terrified.

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