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Dilruba Last Epiosde Review: An unexpected happy end

Flirting is some how being reasoned by the makers.

Dilruba Last Epiosde ReviewAn unexpected happy end | OyeYeah Drama Review

One of the most popular drama serial Dilruba airing at HUM TV has finally ended. Although we were expecting a sad ending where Sanam to pay for her wrongdoings but unexpectedly the end is a happy one. Particularly the end is happier for Sabih. Performances were on point, Mohib Mirza and Hania Aamir have given their best. The story of the play is unusual and bold, it’s about flirting and the first time it is shown from a girl’s point of view. Well be it girl or boy this act is equally bad but it seems that in the end makers were trying to reason Sanam’s flirting.

Sabih has announced that he is going to marry Sanam, Sanam is wondering why Sabih is doing that he must be doing this in pity. Sabih brings Arsalan with him and they have their Nikkah done in presence of all family members except Erum. Sabih at his wedding night reminds Sanam that how ruthlessly she has broken his heart and how she had ridiculed about his looks as he has overheard all his conversation with Erum. Sanam is so embarrassed to hear that she has nothing but to say sorry about it.

Junaid is back home, it seems that he has changed. He is trying his best to take care of his father who is ill. He comes to meet his Taya where he meets his cousin Sehrish who seems to be still in love with him, she shamelessly professes her love for him not realizing that she is now married, Junaid tells her that she is now married and all her loyalties and love should be with her husband now and he further tells her that he never loved her. Arsalan overhears all this conversation and he is feeling so bad. Sehrish seeks forgiveness from him and he forgives her and takes her back to his home.

Khurram’s end is too tragic, it is shown that he has changed and now he is getting serious about his business but then he meets a deadly accident and it seems that he might be murdered. He gives all his property in charity and dies. Natasha is arrested by the Police for murdering Khurram. Well, Khurram being a changed person does not deserve such kind of tragic end.

Sanam finally confesses that Sabih has a beautiful heart, he is a gem inside out and she is feeling extremely lucky to be his wife. Sabih on the other hand is too happy to have Sanam. Well whatever wrongdoing Sanam, who has done in past,  does not expect to face some serious consequences? Does she really deserve happiness? In the end, the conversation between Junaid and Sanam is carrying a strong message where I feel like the makers of the play are trying to reason Sanam’s flirting by saying that it is not solely her mistake. It is true that it was not fully her mistake but she is not vindicated from her wrongdoings . She has wronged Junaid and she needs to apologize as well too but it is shown that it is Junaid who is seeking her forgiveness.

Flirting be it boy or girl is equally shameful and a bad act. When Junaid is showing great interest in her, when he is showering her with gifts she can simply say No to him instead of playing with his heart and emotions. Sanam is equally responsible she is not vindicated. Felt like the message is not conveyed well it is giving an impression that for girls it is okay to with play with other’s hearts and feelings because in the end, you will get away with it. It should have shown that flirting does have deadly consequences!

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