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Fraud Episode-31 Review: Maya’s silence will put her in great trouble

Sharjeel is forging Shaan's initials but Shaan is on alert

Ary Digital’s drama serial Fraud is 31 episodes down and still the story does not seems anywhere near to its conclusion. The story is moving at a snail’s pace going round and round.While the performances are all good particularly Saba Qamar and Mikaal’s chemistry is what carrying the whole show. In the previous episode we have seen that Maya fails to muster the courage to tell Shaan about her past. In this episode Maya maintains her silence which seems so annoying she will land herself into big trouble.

Shaan is giving Maya ample amount of chance to tell him about her past but she prefers to stay silent and it seems super annoying to us. Maya needs to muster the courage and speak up about her past to Shaan. It seems that if Maya will going to tell Shaan herself about her past he might forgive her but if he hears about her past from another person he will not going to forgive her for that.

Sharjeel is so cunning that he has become party with Shaan’s stepmother, he has sensed that she has also been a fraud. Tooba is extremely hurt and shattered and she agrees to be part of what her mother will ask her to do but she is not going to forgive Sharjeel for fooling her nor she will ever going to rekindle her love for him. Sharjeel is okay with that he is least concerned with love his eyes are all set on Shaan’s wealth.

Sharjeel has withdrawn some money from Shaan’s accounts which has alarmed Shaan and he has taken notice of it. Maya has told him to be vigilant and careful on which he snubs her not to interfere with him and his mother’s matters. Later Shaan regrets it and he takes her to the lunch where they also celebrated Maya’s birthday. Sharjeel in Shaan’s absence goes at his office and he forges his initials on the cheque.

Nael being too tolerant with Maila seems good and it is satisfying to see Maila getting better. Sharjeel is mad when the cheque gets bounced as Shaan has already alerted his bank that no one can withdraw money without his orders. Sharjeel is mad at Maya too he tells Shaan’s stepmother that Maya is behind all this. Shaan’s stepmother warns Maya not to poke her nose in their matters on which Maya says that she will never become part of anything which includes in deceiving her husband she says she is ready for the consequences. Dear Maya you are not ready for the consequences you need to tell Shaan everything about your past and expose Sharjeel for heaven sake!

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