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Jhok Sarkar Episode-19 Review: Will ASP Arsalan survive assassination attempt?

ASP Arsalan is going to his home town on a week's leave

Hum TV drama serial Jhok Sarkar is down with 19 episodes. The drama now seems to be more like a Police Show, which is going strong. Farhan Saeed shines out as ASP Arsalan. Other performances are also impressive including Usman Javaid as Meeral I think he has done a fabulous job. In the previous episode, we saw Peeral give his first two wives the punishment of self-imprisonment. In this episode, it is shown that ASP Arsalan is going on a week’s leave and Meeral has planned to assassinate him. The question arises will he survive that attack?

ASP Arsalan continues to win the hearts of the people of Jhok Siyaal, he encourages a young boy who wins the race and promises to recruit him. ASP Arsalan receives a call from his father he tells him they are fixing his sister’s Rishta so his presence is needed at the event. Despite the crucial situation ASP Arsalan decides to take a week’s leave to support his family as it is a matter of his sister’s life.

Sardari Begum and Zulekha are tired of this punishment. Sardari Begum tries to use her son as her support. Peeral makes Sardari Begum understand that her position in the house will never be affected, Meeral will always be his heir he cannot make a son of a lesser blood his heir, Meeral overhears this conversation and it seems like they both have a bit calm down on this matter.

Meeral hears of ASP Arsalan’s going on a week’s leave to his hometown. He thinks it is the best chance for him to get rid of ASP Arsalan. He plans his murder attack by his goons and the plan is to attack him during his traveling at a place far from the premises of Jhok Siyaal so that no one can suspect them for his killing. He further added that they at that time will be at some office.

ASP Arsalan meets Sassi and she is really upset and worried about ASP Arsalan’s traveling. She is worried and wishes for his safe return. Sassi is right to worry but ASP Arsalan is being too careless he declines the offer of a security squad accompanying him. He just took a Sepoy with him. In the middle of the night on the train, he hears some disturbance, he goes out of his cabin and sees that Sepoy is lying dead. He gets alert and there goons attacked him so far ASP Arsalan is defending himself well. We wonder will ASP Arsalan going to survive this assassination attempt or not.

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