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Kaala Doriya Episode-14 Review: Tano Bhabi gives strong reaction over Bitto and Kuku’s Nikkah

Saliqa Bhabi appreciates Kuku for his courage

Hum TV Drama serial Kaala Doriya is one of our favourite Prime Time Watch. This light Rom Com is what makes our weekend watch delightful. Performances are equally good as the writing. In the previous episode, we watched that the cat is finally out of the bag as Saliqa Bhabi gets to know about Bitto and Kuku’s nikkah. In this episode, it is shown that Saliqa bhabi appreciates Kuku’s move but Tano bhabi’s reaction is too strong.

Kuku Mamu is teasing Bitto for enjoying kabab and chutney and putting him in so much tension. He reminds her of their nikkah on which Saliqa bhabi hears his conversation. The cat is finally out of the bag! Through Saliqa bhabi, the whole house has come to know about their nikkah. Amma is not happy with this conduct but Saliqa bhabi on realizing the fact that it will be going to vex Tano happily appreciates Kuku.

Kuku is happy that at least Saliqa bhabi is on his side. Well Mahnoor, Shaji and Tano are in search of some files. For that, they have shuffled all of their house files and now they have marched towards Baray Abba’s room. On searching the file there Mahnoor comes across the nikkahnama file, well Mahnoor could have kept this secret but no she tells her mother despite knowing that her reaction will be very severe.

Mahnoor reads all the details on the nikkahnama and there she comes to know that it is with the consent of Baray Abba and Faraz, Gohar and Asfi are the witnesses. Further, she reads to her mother that Kuku Mamu has named all his property against Haq Mehar. Mahnoor is mad to know that Asfi has not shared with her such big news. She expresses her anger over this matter with Asfi and Gohar.

Kuku is in real trouble when he comes to know that Tano baji knows about their secret nikkah. Her reaction is quite strong and she is not coming slow! By the way she also fakes her illness to put more pressure on her brother. Nida and Asfi get worried when he hears about Tano getting admitted to the hospital. She is faking but why Shaji is being a party with her in this whole drama? Even Mahnoor is disgusted to know that her parents are creating a fake drama over the illness. Will Tano use her drama to put pressure on Kuku to leave Bitto?

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