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Kaala Doriya Episode-20 Review: Both Mahnoor and Asfi realize they are in love!

Kuku and Bitto running away for their honeymoon making no sense!

Hum Tv drama serial Kaala Doriya is 20 episodes down and love is in the air. Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed’s crackling chemistry is what adds colours to this entertaining serial. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahnoor and Asfi are being too possessive of each other. In this episode, it is shown that through the sequences of the events Asfand and Mahnoor both realize that they are in love!

Mahnoor’s car gets mugged in the middle of the night on her way back from Kuku Mamu’s wedding. One wonders why the snatchers have left Mahnoor’s phone. Mahnoor calls Asfi and he like a knight in shining armour comes to save the damsel in distress a purely romantic situation. We see Mahnoor and Asfi embracing each other when he arrives and Mahnoor telling him about her loss.

Asfi calling Mahnoor ” Meri Jaan” speaks volumes about their relationship. He says that he is grateful that she is okay purse and cash loss does not matter. Asfi recuses Tano and Mahnoor. Even Tano realizes that Asfand has helped them a lot. The best part of Tano bhabi is that she realizes that all loss and illness are from Allah. She snubs Bittu when she calls her wedding an ill omen.

Asfand realizing the fact that is he in love or not? He is reflecting on the events that happened and assessing whether it is a sign of love or not. He is sure that Mahnoor has called him in trouble, not Gohar. She has refused Gohar’s proposal but then turmoil going in his head. But then when he cannot get rid of Mahnoor’s thoughts he has realized that he is in love!

Well, Kuku Mamu and Bitto Appa leaving their valima and running away for their honeymoon is the meanest and bizarre thing to do. Why do they need to do that? Tano Bhabi has whole heartily welcomes her then why Bitto has hurt her in that way? I am really disappointed with Bitto’s character! They can easily wait for a day to have their Valima which is a Sunnat thing to do and leave away the very next day! Tano blames Asfi for orchestrating that plan but Mahnoor defends him saying loudly that she has feelings for him. Asfi’s only mistake is that he commented “all the best” under the selfie Kuku mamo posted on his Facebook account. Interesting buildup but Kuku and Bitto’s sneaking away for honeymoon does not make any sense!

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