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Kashf Episode-24 Review: Matiullah wants to trick Kashf using Zoya

Wajdaan is behaving so weird with Kashf

Kashf Episode-24 ReviewIn this episode Matiullah wants to trick Kashf using Zoya - OyeYeah Drama Review

HUM TV’s Kashf the drama serial which used to be great in terms of its execution, script, and performances seems dragged now. The character Wajdaan who is portrayed as a gem of a person initially has turned into a grey character which is literally annoying the audience. Hira Mani and Junaid Khan’s acting are brilliant and the supporting cast’s performances are also incredible particularly Waseem Abbas’s.

The episode begins when Wajdaan is not talking with Kashf, he is being mean and rude with her. Wajdaan used to be a gem of a person who feels Kashf’s pain and her issues but he has changed after marriage into a grey character a person who is not ready to listen to her wife’s issues, he is not realizing the pain Kashf is going through, all he wants his to satisfy his chauvinistic ego and wants Kashf to blindly follow his instructions.

Aishi’s wedding is fixed with her lover and no one knows that it is Matiullah who has planted him and there must be a motive behind this marriage. Poor Aishi we so wanted her to live a happy life. Imtiaz calls Kashf and imparts her the news of Aishi’s wedding and along with that he also breaks the news of Zoya getting married to Matiuallah. Wajdaan rightly senses that it is Zoya’s trick to blackmail them and nothing more but still Kashf insists that she wants to go back and help her family.

Kashf is shocked to see that Zoya is not ready to listen to anything and she has made up her mind to marry Matiullah. Aishi’s Wedding scene is the weirdest scene in this episode where Zoya is shamelessly eyeing on Wajdaan and she is sparing no moment to get close to him. Wajdaan who is continuously ignoring Kashf all the time, he seems to enjoy Zoya’s company he is laughing with her what kind of a character he has turned into?

Matiullah comes with a deal with Kashf, he offers her to collaborate with him and sits at her astana, and in return, he will back off from marrying Zoya. Kashf rejects this offer and moreover she says that she will not sit at any asatana anymore. Imtiaz overhears all this conversation and he announces Zoya and Matiullah’s wedding at Aishi’s function. Zoya is extremely disturbed on this announcement and so is Wajdaan! Yes, Wajdaan’s expression is also saying that he is disturbed too but why has he developed some sort of feelings for Zoya?

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