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Kuch Ankahi Episode-21 Review: Overall another heart-winning episode!

Salman and Aaliya's cute WhatsApp chat is the highlight of the show

Kuch Ankahi airing at ARY Digital is a play whose every single scene we cherish a lot. It is not humanly possible but I wish that Muhammad Ahmed should write all the plays on TV. He has penned down such a brilliant play, his progressive yet beautiful writing style will be remembered with golden words. In the previous episode, we have seen that Aaliya goes to Asfar’s place to celebrate her birthday. In this episode, we see Aaliya and Salman’s cute arguments.

This episode is loaded with heartwarming scenes one of which is Samia’s mother-in-law melting for Samia. It is so good to see Samia earning so well but spending lacs on renovating washrooms from a small home-based business seems quite a stretch. Well, we will be happier if Saif has grown some spine, he seems really smitten by Samia but still got no guts to stand against Shagufta’s bullying.

Well, the lipstick rolling scene and Asfar’s reaction are not making any sense. It is not gelling well with Asfar’s character he is the guy who has just confided in Aaliya about his troubling past and has shown his vulnerable side to her a night ago but now all of a sudden he is showing her attitude on a trivial matter. Aaliya’s response was equally too exaggerated. Although the scene where Aaliya is placing the resignation letter and he is standing behind is a beautiful scene that shows that they both have a thing for each other.

Aaliya and Salman’s cute WhatsApp chat is the highlight of this episode. That was too cute and it also depicts their chemistry. It is followed by that rooftop scene where Salman brings coffee for Aaliya and sort of confesses his feelings to him but Aaliya is Aaliya. She is right in her way but our heart goes out for poor Salman. Aaliya should end up with Salman, not Asfar.

Mona’s track is a bit confusing. How come Tania know that she had been harassed at the University? We have not given an inkling how Tania get to know about Mona? It is so heartwarming to see Meena in a happy mood. Well, Sofia is still not ready to get hitched with Thanvi one wonders why he is so charming. He is so fed up with Thanvi that she even offers to back up from her house share claim but Agha Jaan is being Agha Jaan! how can he force her to marry Thanvi? well, even we are so rooting for Thanvi and Sofia. Overall another heart-winning episode.

Rameeza Nasim

Rameeza Nasim, a Paralian, passionate about poetry, drama and fiction. By giving drama critiques I feel like I am endorsing the writer's message to the audiences, I love my job. Being a critic responsibility lies on my shoulders to point out the flaws and shortcomings of the play be it on writer's , performers or director's end . I did my Masters in English Literature and Linguistics .

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