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Malaal e Yaar Episode-35 Review: Hooriya saves Bano!

Hooriya tells Taya Sarkar that this Bano issue can create trouble for his elections

Malaal e Yaar Episode-35 ReviewIn this episode Hooriya saves Bano - OyeYeah

With super engaging content, well-crafted characters and a realistic true depiction of our feudal mindset, this play Malaal e Yaar has become our most favorite and much-awaited serial. The character portrayal of Balaaj is what we love most about this play. In the last episode, we have seen that Hooriya and Balaaj are getting close. In this episode, Hooriya saves the poor girl Bano from imprisonment.

Hooriya is asking from the maids about the girl’s screams but no one is ready to tell her the truth they are were hiding something from her that there is nothing like that. Hooriya angrily searches herself and tries to trace the screams. There she founds the store room locked she tells the guard to unlock this room and finally, she rescued Bano. Taya Sarkar is extremely furious when he gets to know that Bamo has escaped and also that Hooriya is behind that.


Balaaj is also super angry with Hooriya for intervening in Taya Sarkar affairs. He says that she is habitual of poking nose in their matters and she has also created troubles for him. However; Hooriya is resolute that she will be going to help that poor girl no matter what happens. Bano’s situation seems so similar to Hooriya like her own when Balaaj forcefully married her on gunpoint and now this poor girl is being forced to marry a man of his father’s age.


Taya Sarkar calls Hooriya in a furious range, she goes, everyone is present there including Balaaj and Wajahat, Wajahat excuses him for her daughter’s foolishness. He says to Hooriya that he is forgiving her mistake because she is his blood. Hooriya says she is ready to face any punishment but she will not give Bano back to him. Taya Sarkar snubs her for confronting him on which she says that she is doing that for his family’s goodness. This Bano issue can create a lot of trouble for him in the election if a single video related to her gets leaked in such an age of social media. Taya Sarkar seems convinced of Hooriya’s suggestion.


Amber’s mother calls Faiq to her home and tells him clearly to get married to Minhal as soon as possible and to stay away from her daughter. Faiq feels so bad and insulted he leaves the place and later he calls Amber and tells him how she has made fun of their love before and now and also tells him not to call her again at his number. Well, it seems that Amber is surely not going to follow what he said but she is heart broken on the fact how her mother has ditched her and how rudely Faiq behaved with her well actually she truly deserves this.

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