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Malaal e Yaar Episode-46 Review: Balaaj is doubting Hooriya’s sincerity

Hooriya is extremely upset on Balaaj's changed attitude

Malaal e Yaar Episode-45 ReviewIn this episode Balaaj is doubting Hooriya's sincerity - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Malaal e Yaar the drama serial on airing on HUM TV is one of the most engaging drama but now it seems that the story is a bit dragged unnecessarily. In the previous episode, it has shown that Amber is being very malicious and she is using Danish to plot against Hooriya and she has been successful in seeding doubts in Balaaj’s mind against Hooriya.

In this episode Balaaj watches Hooriya’s video talking with Danish, which Danish has sent him, how he can be so mean and selfish in love? he clearly sees that Hooriya is avoiding him but still he is being Amber’s puppet. Balaaj is shocked after watching that video clip and on top of that Amber adds more venom and she seeds doubts in Balaaj’s mind by fabricating more lies about Hooriya.


Hooriya on the other side is extremely disturbed to see Balaaj’s changed attitude, she tries to inquire about it from Balaaj but he coldly ignores her. Hooriya confronts him that why he is behaving like that he tells her that she has hurt his trust and insulted his love. Balaaj mentions that she used to love someone else, Hooriya’s world turn upside down, she cannot even imagine losing Balaaj and his trust. She is extremely worried and shares her issue with Minhal who is wondering that who is the person who has told Balaaj all about Danish as no one in this house knows about Danish.


Amber is so vile that her mother’s advice and heart touching lectures are making no difference for her. She pretends like she has accepted her fate in front of her mother but then she calls Danish and demands that she wants him to stop Minhal and Faiq’s Mayoun Function. Danish is so stupid that he is not using his own brain, how can he be so mean and selfish with Hooriya and Minhal? and he can go to the extent of harming them on Amber’s instructions it is making no sense. Well, Danish and Amber plan something to stop this function. Faiq, on the other hand, is being very romantic and happy with Minhal.


Amber tries to convince Minhal that she should postpone her wedding as it does not seems appropriate because of Samreen’s chachi’s death only a few days ago, but Minhal says that it is Bibi Jaan and her Choti Ammi’s decision and she fully respects it as now they are at her mother’s place. Minhal, on the other hand, is extremely happy and preparing herself for the function. It is seen that Faiq’s family has not arrived on time and Faiq’s mother is calling on Faiq’s number but he is not replying. Why Faiq is not taking the call? What has happened to him? What is exactly Amber and Danish’s plan we will have to wait for the next episode.

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