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Naulakha – Episode 28 Review

After last week’s intense episode, the story of Naulakha has reached a crucial point. This week’s episode was equally exceptional with some defining twists. There is a new test on every step of life for Tehreem, Shafaq, and Zain Ali. While Zain Ali and his family are extremely upset about his son’s poor health, Rohail’s wife gives both to their daughter. Noor Jahan consoles Akbar Ali who has also fallen ill because of his grandson.

Meanwhile, Tehreem is angry with her family because no one informed her about her niece’s birth. Shafaq and Zain Ali cannot figure out a way to pay for their son’s surgery. However, Shafaq presents the idea that Tehreem returns the ‘doomed Naulakha’, they will be able to pay for the surgery’s expenditures. Kiran Haq has done full justice to her character and conveyed a mother’s helpless and pain in a very convincing way.

When Zain Ali asks his ‘Baray Abu’ for money, he drops a bomb on him and tells him that the entire family’s property has been transferred in his daughter and grandson’s name. Zain and Noor Jahan get enraged and worried. While they are having this discussion, Akbar Ali overhears their conversation. The next morning, the family gets the news of Akbar Ali’s death. After losing his father, Zain Ali feels lonely and tries to convince Tehreem over the phone to come back.

Although Tehreem feels his pain, she refuses to return. Zain Ali feels isolated and takes out his frustration on Shafaq. He tells her that she is the reason for all his troubles. However, Shafaq believes that Tehreem has cursed them. She feels so helpless that decides to bring Tehreem back. But when she visits Tehreem and tries to convince her to come back, Tehreem refuses.

This week’s episode has us waiting eagerly for the next one. We just cannot wait to see what fate has in store for the trio of Naulakha.

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