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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-24 Review: Kattie decides to marry Dildaar!

Halwadar reveals the reality of Madam Butterfly

Shahrukh-Ki-SaliyanIn this episode Mustaan and Nigaar's Nikkah is fixed.

Penned down by veteran comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, the play is one of the best comedies in the running. With extremely interesting and hilarious characters, this comedy serial has become our most favorite. Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan are for the first time coming together as an onscreen couple and their onscreen chemistry is perfectly spot-on. In this episode Kattie finds someone too, yes she has decided to marry Dildaar.

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The episode begins when Halwadar Saab, Anoushe and Shahrukh suddenly raids on Butterfly Madam’s house where she is busy in her usual real life, she gets shock but tries best to cover herself as Naik Parveen but her reality gets revealed when a person comes offering her money and starts demanding her girls. Then there were a few other things which alarmed Halwaldaar Sahab and he then reveals the reality of Madam Butterfly as a woman smuggler and drug dealer, he puts them at gunpoint and Shahrukh makes a video of that, which becomes viral.


Abbas sir visits his office but no one recognizes him, in fact he hears what people really think of him in the Office, Komal use to call him as Abbas Sar dard. Guard is not letting him enter the office as Abbas Sir does not like strangers in his office. The dialogues between Mustaan and Abbas Sir depicts Sir Abbas inner turmoil and he has decided that for his profession he will carry his older look while for Nigaar he will be Mustaan. Well, one wonders that he can introduce himself as Abbas with a changed new look to the world too.


Some guests come for Kattie’s proposal, father, son and the mother. It seems that the total control is in Mother’s hand, she is not letting his husband speak nor his son. Kattie likes the boy she asks that she wants to talk with him alone on which her mother objects but then she eventually agrees. Kattie and Dildaar like each other in fact Dildaar is about to confess his feelings for Kattie but then his mother calls him. His mother rudely rejects Kattie by saying that she is shorter despite knowing the fact that Dildaar likes her, this is making Kattie mad.


Shahrukh tells all the girls the real reason why Glucose’s mother has refused to let Glucose marry Mickey because their father had run away on his mehndi night and they were supposed to marry. Girls feel bad for Glucose’s mother and think that it is her curse that they are not getting married. They penalize their father too but he explains that it was an arranged marriage and he loves Sabiha their mother. However, Mickey is still sad about it. Kattie makes her mind that she will marry Dildaar for which he makes a solid plan and shares it with Anoushe and Shahrukh. Well, one wonders what that plan is?

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