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Wabaal Last Episode Review: Divine Justice served well for Shugufta

Its an happy ending for Anum and Faraz but a tragic end for Zarqa

Hum TV drama serial Wabaal highlighting a very important issue of Riba prevailing in our society finally comes to its conclusion. The drama has very effectively done strong messaging, although at places the play seems quite preachy. Performances are all brilliant, particularly this show belongs to Shagufta Ejaz. In the second last episode, we saw Zarqa planning to elope with Naveed. The ending is a mixed plate, it serves divine justice to Shagufta, a happy reunion for Anum and Faraz but a tragic end for Zarqa and Naveed.

The ending was quite predictable and typical. The audience wanted Shagufta to pay for all her sins. However, she manages to get away all the time from all her cruel acts with the help of Gul Khan. The ending is a typical one where everything gets settled in the end except for the tragic death of Naveed and Zarqa. It is so heartbreaking to see that no one is mourning Zarqa’s death. Her body is lying dead while Dadi and Shagufta are grieving for Naveed. Shagufta’s madness at the time when she sees Naveed getting shot is a bit unconvincing and out of her character, she has not created that much hue and cry or aggression on Gul Khan which we expect from her.

Gul Khan feeling betrayed by Zarqa ends up killing both Zarqa and Naveed is tragic but nature has done justice to him as well. We see Gul Khan behind the bars having remorse on always assisting Shagufta in all her sinful ventures. Well, I feel he deserves an even more harsh end. Shagufta turning into a mad woman after losing his son is what made this ending a typical one. This is what happens with cruel characters every time in our dramas, they end up being mad.

I want to give a huge shout-out to the actress who played the character of Dadi such a pleasant screen presence she has and she has performed her character so well although the character gets a bit preachy at times. Anum has learnt from her past and she wants to make amendments, she starts living for her Dadi and mother although she is heartbroken. And out of nowhere Faraz and his mother appear after a few days. Faraz and Anum end up on a happy reunion.

Kudos to entire team of Wabaal for bringing up such an important topic based on Interest which is a societal evil. The way Dadi has disposed of Shagufta’s money and belongings to their rightful owners asking them to repent as well because they are equally involved in that sin conveys a strong message. Well, Dadi should have given Zarqa’s hard-earned money to her poor father. Overall a good project with strong messaging and brilliant performances.

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