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Yunhi Episodes 28-31 overview: Will Kim leave Dawood?

Zulfi and Iqbal's engagement is the cutest thing ever on the show

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi is one of our favorite Prime Time Watch. Its aesthetically appealing frames and vintage feels are what make it a unique watch plus Maya Ali and Bilal Asharaf’s onscreen chemistry makes this serial even more pleasant. In the previous episode, we have seen Kim insisting Dawood to get settled in America. In this episode, George comes into the scene and spoils Dawood and Kim’s relationship.

Well is there any need to bring George into the scene? He comes to Pakistan out of nowhere and makes his entry in the 30th episode, he looks so irrelevant, and he is the one who has cheated on Kim so why Kim is welcoming towards him? Kim is not a baby she knows that he is her ex and meeting with him can cause Dawood offense but still, she meets him. Even when Dawood says it loud that he does not like her meeting George, she still insists that meeting him is not nice.

I totally understand Dawood’s turmoil and his decision to part ways with Kim is also justified. Kim is being too stubborn and stupid. She is herself not interested in George anymore so what’s the point of meeting him again and again? She loves Dawood and his saying to her that she is free to do whatever she wants as he has no rights on her hurts her the most.

The most heartwarming scene in episode 31 is of Kim and Razia’s. For the very first time, Kim opens up with Razia and calls her Ammi. Razia is such an endearing character she heartily accepts Kim as her second daughter.

In episode 30, it is shown that Daniyal is being mean he literally tries to blackmail his own brother by showing him Kim and Gorge pictures but later he realizes his own conduct and apologizes to his brother. Zulfi and Iqbal’s engagement is the cutest thing ever in episode 29.

In Episode 31, Zulfi is all set for his nikkah with Iqbal. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing. It is decided that after the nikkah Kim going to leave Pakistan. Kim is head-to-heel in love with Dawood then why she is insisting on going back to America makes no sense. Adding more to it, this George entry has also ruined Kim and Dawood’s relationship.

Why doesn’t Kim give George a shut-up call? why she is seeing him knowingly that her husband does not like him. Dawood has requested her not to meet George but still, she meets him is the meanest thing to do. Kim does not deserve Dawood! Still, we are rooting for Kim and Dawood hoping they end up together.

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