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Hania 1st Episode Review: Beginning of an intense, dark story

Hania senses something weird about Junaid and his family


Another new drama serial Hania started on ARY Digital and on aired its first episode, which seems like a beginning of an intense and dark story. The play will revolve around the stigma of divorce and abusive relationship. The play is written by Doorway Entertainment and it is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed. The cast of the play includes Junaid Khan, Zoya Nasir and Osama Tahir in the leading roles. For the first time, heartthrob Junaid Khan will be seen playing a negative role.

The plays begins with wedding preparations going in Ahsan’s house. This is his daughter’s wedding. The house reflects middle class lifestyle where the mother is worried that there is not enough valuable stuff to give to her daughter in the dowry but her husband assures her that he has given her daughter the jewel of education. He has educated his daughters and now they are ready to face the challenges of the world. It is foreboding that their daughter Hania is going to face hardships and difficulties in life.

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Hania seems a quite and simple girl whereas Maira the younger sister, Hania,  is opposite to her. She is straightforward and outspoken and she likes her cousin and her cousin too likes her. Apparently it seems that both Ahsan and Jameela are very lucky as both of their daughters have nice prospects. Ahsan is an ideal father who has raised his daughters  giving them much care and love. The scene where both Ahsan and Jameela are recalling Hania’s childhood is such a touching scene.

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On the other hand, Fareed and Saira are comparatively much richer than Ahsan’s family. He is Ahsan’s brother and is very compassionate towards his brother and his family particularly Hania. However, his wife Saira, is very snobbish and she does not like to mingle with them and always look down at them. It is seen that Fareed’s heart still beats for his brother and he attends Hania’s wedding alone despite of his wife excuses. Also even though his wife disproves, he brings a gold set for her and tells that it is by Saira. Fareed and Saira have a son Rohan who lives abroad and he is coming back.

Hania gets married. The wedding night seems dreamy with a groom who is romancing her with all sugary words but the very next day it all seems so weird and fishy. He gets busy in work right after the first day of their wedding. Then there were strange guest at their house who gave Hania a diamond set and he is awkwardly looking at Hania in an appropriate way. It seems like Junaid and his family is hiding something from Hania. The episode ends when Hania catches Junaid secretly talking with someone in a middle of a night!

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