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Call The Band to spellbind the audience with ‘Brainstorm’

While we grew up during times when the concert culture was at its peak, in recent times, the trend has almost died. There are hardly any concerts where we can go, bang our heads and lose ourselves to the music. Won’t lie, we miss Junoon, EP, and Noori the most. Playing a role in bringing the concerts back is Call The Band.

Not just any live concerts, Call is determined to take live performances to a whole new level with Brainstorm.

But what does Brainstorm signify? Well, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan from Call the Band explains: “To impact a change, you have to BE the change”. The strength to evolve, to break free comes from within. Brainstorm symbolizes this same spirit.”


Call has had a journey of 16 years since it’s reinvention and pledges to keep making the impact to take the music industry forward with the world. We pledge to break free from the norm and show the world what Pakistan is. A positive forward thinking country that has all the talent and passion to make its artistic mark.


The band first executed this idea live at the Momentum Tech Conference, Karachi three months back on February 20, 2018. This is the beginning of the CALL show, or what they would now say, the beginning of an experience.

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