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Hamza slammed Islamophobic remarks of French President, calling for peace and dialogue

Muslims around the world are protesting the republication of blasphemous sketches and the French President Emmanuel Macron’s Islamophobic remarks, calling for the full- fledged boycott of the French products and staging demonstrations to give the clear message to the haters that whatever hurts the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (SAW) will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Among other countries, Pakistan has also lodged a strong protest with the French ambassador. A resolution on the matter has also been passed in the upper and lower houses of the parliament unanimously against Macron’s statement.

Pakistan has called its ambassador in Paris in protest against the statement hurled by French President Emmanuel Macron.

On the ongoing controversy, Pakistani actor took to the social media and shared his thoughts over the matter.

Turning to the micro-blogging website, Twitter, he wrote, “It is your right to disagree and criticise but it is not your right to mock with the intent to deliberately insult and provoke. It’s immoral, unethical and uncivilised.”

“The only way we Muslims can make the world understand that is solely by peace and dialogue – not murder, war and hostility,” he added.

The actor went on to say, “What if Muslims organise a contest of throwing cow meat on a Ram statue?” questioned Abbasi. “Or who can slaughter the most pigs in a synagogue or who can spit on a cross with the most accuracy. It’s evil. The same applies in the case of making insulting cartoons of a man held sacred by more than 1.5 billion people.”

Earlier this month, a schoolteacher was attacked and killed in France by an 18-year-old man for showing blasphemous sketches saying this the  “freedom of expression”. After the incident, French President Macron hurled Islamophobic remarks and targeted Islam in his comments.

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