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Mahira Khan has something to say as Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is about to end

Mahira Khan has something to say as Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is about to end!

Those who are following the drama know that the serial in running is one step closer to its end.

The second last episode has been an emotional roller coaster ride for many which at some points brought tears to our eyes.

And as the second last episode was aired, the lead actor of HKKST, Mahira Khan playing the character of Mehreen, wrote a heartfelt note in an Instagram post.

While sharing a few behind the scene photos, Mahira Khan said, “This scene. Thissss scene. It is the heart and soul of HKKST.. at least for me. I remember reading it and thinking – This will be interesting – two women who have been pitted against each other their whole lives, sit opposite each other and talk. Rarely do we see that on our screens. Talk about their vulnerabilities, their childhood, their take on life and how it unfolded for them, what went wrong, and all the time they have lost just because of what was fed to them.”

Praising the winter Umera Ahmed, and the director Farooq Rind, Mahira Khan went on to say, “Weirdly enough we tried doing this scene twice.. and something or the other would go wrong. Finally a third time we came back to this house and shot it. I remember wanting to cry seeing Kubra, but as Mehreen I didn’t know she was going to die.. so I had to still act a bit angry a bit weary of her, still not trust her fully. But when I’d get out of character I just wanted to hug Mashal. There is no one I’d rather have sitting there except for her. @thekubism my Mashal.”

“Kabhi kabhi kahaani ke end mein villian, hero ban jaata hai,” she concluded. 


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Here is a spoiler for you, if you haven’t watched the episode yet that Mashal had actually tried to save Mehreen and mistakenly had the poisoned tea!

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